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We are a healthtech designed to take care of people's and companies
We are a healthtech designed to take care of people's and companies
Acreditamos na tecnologia como um meio para personalizar e melhorar a saúde e o bem estar de pessoas.

Why we do?

We realize that patients are treated as a simple user on most platforms.

That's why we created Medpass, which uses technology as a means to personalize and improve the health and well-being of members and affiliated companies.

Somos a primeira e única plataforma de saúde e bem estar preventiva personalizada do país. Criamos produtos que trazem impactos positivos na vida dos brasileiros e ofertamos soluções estratégicas para empresas

What we do?

We design technological solutions that aim to bring positive impacts on the health and spending of affiliated companies and members.

We are the first and the unique digital health preventive and personalized wellness system in the country.

Há 4 anos construímos tecnologia e algoritmos com embasamento médico focados na personalização e mapeamento de vidas.

How we do?

Through population health mapping and data intelligence, we design
services for a humanized and personalized service. Along with
companies, we map health profiles, seeking to offer greater control of health costs and better quality of life indices.


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Technology and health algorithms designed to create a healthier future for everybody

Our employees around the world work in search of innovative healthcare solutions. Our predictive model is able to identify health problems and seek solutions for companies and people.

Meet Ben, our favorite assistant.

This is Ben, our Medpass mascot and assistant. He is our helper when communicating and talking about appointments, confirmations and medical notifications.
Ben - O assistente da Medpass